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25 November – 2 December 2016

Merlion Animation Week (MAW) is a festive week for the animation industry in Singapore. It is a platform for active business collaboration, practical information exchange with strong commitment, acknowledging excellent works, strong emphasis in youth education to maintain the new talent pipeline and engaging the public through animation.

1. Core Values

Whereby participants pursue new technology, methods and cross-cultural understanding to deliver works for globalized market

With expectations on participants to be forward thinkers who love challenges and champion new ideas

Participants maintain highest standards of excellence, competence, and integrity

2. Highlights

More than 30 animation and comics studios from 10 countries have signed up for the event. The number of participating entities is increasing.

Exciting spread of activities such as streets exhibition, conference, award gala, campus workshop, business networking & matching, illuminate animation talks and outdoor silver screenings to engage audience of all mix.

Leading R&D institutions, animation studios and startups to showcase state of arts technology capability and discuss business trends. China animations IPs are opened to games developers for pitching to collaborate on projects.

Create a sustainable pipeline of top talent with strategic partners in charity and animation industry through integrated long-term holistic approach.

3. Programme

To collaborate with community partners to bring together families and friends to enjoy outdoor animation screening and fringe activities focusing on family, parenting and animation values.

To celebrate the winning works of regional animation studios and individual through an award gala night with donors making charitable contribution to create a sustainable pipeline of talent for the animation industry.

To equip participant with the state of the art technology, business developments, and active collaboration opportunities.

To engage the public through showcase of animation works from regional animation studios and individuals along shopping belts of Singapore as well as in shopping malls with theme concepts.

To be the platform for active collaboration between animation partners across the regions over lunch.

To showcase the latest animation development and works by local and regional animation studios and individuals.