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In the early quarter of 2016, Youthub began creating their extraordinary legacies in the exciting new worlds of edutainment and animation distribution. Today, Youthub continues to build on this legacy of quality and innovation through content co-production, content distribution and content investment.

We have since became the first channel to bring Chinese edutainment media to global audience on Youtube Kids platform.

With media networks reaching approximately 800 million Chinese in China through television networks, IPTV, animation studios, airport media, and a suite of leading Internet-based businesses, Joybird Kids Channel planned to excite the world with Chinese edutainment content to ease the difficulties of learning the language and cultures.

Joybird Kids is home to the China’s premier edutainment brands and animation titles that connect with audiences through compelling content across mobile platforms in over expanding countries and territories.

Our Roles and Responsibilities on Joybird Kids Channel

Our Business

Beside operating as a content distributor on Joybird Kids Channel,  we also look into the development, financing, and co-production of the intellectual properties for kids. In this effort, Youthub and their partners invest in a variety of businesses, properties and partnerships that bring synergies that help us to effectively build the eco-systems around kids’ IPs and edutainment.

Development From Ideas to Pitches

We are always hungry for interesting kids IPs. Our team is well experienced in identifying potential winners. Once we engage, we invest our time; our expertise; our resources and bring on board the best talent that’s just right for the IP and creation of content licensing properties.

Project Financing

In an ever-changing landscape of content production our expertise lie in bringing together the right broadcast networks, distribution relationships, equity investments & co-productions. We also necessarily invest to take an equity position in all IP that we get involved in.

Global Distribution

We strategically position and commercially manage IP internationally through our strategic partnerships with leading distributors across the world.

Media Investment Fund With Market Distribution Channels

Youthub (Singapore) and CAWRO (Bejing, China) together run a PE Fund that makes equity investments in IP of various sizes and genres. Part of the fund is also dedicated to gap and completion financing of production ready projects. If you have a project worth investing in, be sure to contact us.

International Collaboration

If you would like to pitch a show idea to us or even would like to work with us to distribute your content on Joybird Kids Channels, please do drop us a line. We will get back to you soon.

We aim to support the industry through entire life cycle of conceptualization, securing financing, content IP development and production, and access to our Asia distribution Channels.

Participating Partners


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