The Five Benefits of Joybird AR Collection Set


By integrating augmented reality into your play, you’ll capture the attention of your audience. You will have their undivided attention.

For instance, a teacher can augment and animate his lessons to show how a subject works.


By incorporating augment into your lessons, it  makes your children excited about learning.  Born in the digital era, your children will be continuously stimulated with augmented reality.  They will be excited by new ideas and think critically about the world around them.

Introducing augmented reality to your children, will enable them to discover unknown passions and inspire their future endeavors. Let their imagination runs wild!


Let the children participate! Children are able to access their own colored creation via  Joybird AR app.  By viewing augmented reality, the students can gain a better understanding of the concepts, backgrounds and lessons they are hearing.  This is a fun way to engage children and reinforce learning outcomes.

Interact colored creation with your toy and physical environment

Resources are limited. More often than not, schools do not have enough money, time and manpower to gather the supplementary learning materials they would like.  Further, these learning materials get outdated and learning worksheet get misplaced over time.

Children can access their work from any device at any time.  Whether they are at home or in the classroom, your children interact with the course materials.


With a simple a scan, children can access augmented their colored creations. For example after scanning a creation on a 3D character from the book, children can engage in discussion with their parents and teachers.  This experience creates a complete learning cycle and children will retain more knowledge for a longer period.


Keen to distribute Joybird AR?
What is Joybird AR?

Joybird AR brings your colored character to life in the story setting of the city, zoo, farm and sea. It combines augmented reality technology with storytelling to engage children for many hours of joy, fun and memories.

Joybird AR is made up of four coloring storybooks completed with Augmented Reality app and coloring pens which parents can easily pack in their bag for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is built for busy parent who wish to spend quality time with their children on storytelling, arts or technology.

As much as we love the convenience of technology, the coloring is erasable making it easy for errors to be corrected. As they say, practice makes perfect. It is a trait we wish to develop our young audience with!

Point of Contact

To be distributor of Joybird AR, please contact samuel.wee@youthub.sg.

Alternatively, you may visit our online store to purchase your Joybird AR here.

Looking to increase awareness and generate leads for your content?

Youthub offers unique opportunities for content partners that want to highlight their work, while gaining technology edges through co-branded initiatives. Positioning your content with Joybird AR will give you access to our technology as well as a global business audience.

We work with content partners to define their marketing communication strategy which fits their sales and market positioning goals.

Goals of Collaboration
  • To provide market visibility through a brand affinity with Joybird and Youthub
  • To create high-impact custom content for our partner and potential clients that will highlight their areas of expertise.
  • To collaborate on and co-brand content

If you are interested in learning more about content partnership opportunities with Youthub and Joybird, please contact us here.


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