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YOUTHUB wants to ensure that young talents get the most benefit from our programs. We provide a comprehensive range of workshops to provide young talents from campus or business with international communication skills, emotional mastery skill, and logical solving skill.

For more information, please refer to Joybird product where we will be releasing our 40hours program to develop the emotional inteligence of preschoolers.

YOUTHUB devote to create original content, compile and publish assessment books, magazines and CDs for students of all ages from different countries. YOUTHUB develops high quality educational assessment content and applies extensive psychometric experience and expertise during the test development, administration, scoring, and reporting processes. YOUTHUB is cooperating with different publishing houses, educational institutions to promote the intellectual property management.

For more information, please refer to Joybird product for more information.

Youthub wants to develop the right business ecosystem to support an innovation driven economy for the creative industry. We want to help our client register their IP, build IP strategy and value add to their assets through our established channels in Asia. We have distributed animation, comics and games to local broadcasters,telco partners, and publishers.

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