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We have strong expertise in helping businesses create effective business partnerships that bring returns in both social and economic terms

Innovate & Grow

We provide advisory services to the organizations to build scalable, sustainable and innovative businesses

Collaborative Creation

We understand the needs of our clients and can help individuals and business leaders balance their intent of doing business and their needs of fulfilling corporate social responsibilities

Our Vision

Become the market leader in promoting high value cultural exchanges between Singapore and China through various activities, and ultimately, forging a stronger alliance between the two countries to advance the common vision in reaching out and engaging today’s Youth in the digital technology space.

Latest Events

Illuminate The Future Merlion Animation Week

25 November – 2 December 2016

Merlion Animation Week (MAW) is a festive week for the animation industry in Singapore. It is a platform for active business collaboration, practical information exchange with strong commitment, acknowledging excellent works, strong emphasis in youth education to maintain the new talent pipeline and engaging the public through animation.

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Our Partners

Asia Animation Alliance supports the animation industry through entire life cycle of conceptualisation, securing financing, content IP development and production, and access to our Asia distribution channels They aim to  move Asia Animation, Games and Comics companies and talent toward the creation of global compelling content, innovation, business transformation, and IP management.

Asia Animation Alliance

Animation off site is published by Guizhou Guizhou Group’s digital publishing subsidiary of Beijing Co., Ltd. Man moving Ayo Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. operations, the site focused on animation intensive industry, in comic books, picture books, micro animation, digital animation, Anime-related Internet and mobile Internet platform development and other fields to lead the industry trend.

Dong Manker

Watch children’s playground is part of Beijing Vientiane Entertainment Network Technology Co., Ltd., is a collection of children’s animation, toys, electricity providers, online activities as one of the internet.


Beijing Star Cube Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Star Cube”) was established on January 25, 2010, August 2, 2013 to complete the restructuring of shares, January 24, 2014 three new board successfully listed

Stars Cube

Infinito Games is an indie game studio founded in Singapore by 2 enthusiasts who eat, sleep and breathe GAMES!

We’re currently a small team of like-minded people, whose ultimate goal is to create AWESOME experiences through games, R&D and media app.

Infinito Games

The Comics Society (Singapore) was formed on 8th January 2007. Our scope of interest encompasses the full range of media creative fields, comprising comics, as well as exploring into animation, games and other digital media. While based in Singapore, we enjoy an extensive network of global connections. The Society continues to strive to create a sustainable eco-system and friendly environment that will promote the comic and digital media culture in Singapore.

Comic Society Singapore